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I love Yellow and Wool!
Fellowship with nature and union with God is the right path to a healthy, really happy life!


George Salcieanu ("pericope") is my name, I was born in 1981 - Buzau / Romania and from the beginning of my life, God has given me an extra stimulus of joy, a pleasure at view, an emotion of delight: I like ~ I love ~ I'm fond of yellow colour, a passion that fills my mind with relaxation and calm, without any cost, a gift wich is not from our material world, and which came through the light, I perceive it in this way - as an outpouring of Heaven, full of such warm colors.

It's very easy for me to say since when I have this passion for yellow: sience the first memories of my life, they always remind me of yellow, first of all I had blonde hair - golden to yellow, in my communist childhood my favorite toys were: a plastic yellow kitty, wich kept in its claws a ball which rotates, Russian yellow balloons, a large dump truck with red weighter and yellow cabin, the yellow wheel from inside the engine of a transparent tractor, the yellow elephant spraying, the miniature racing car and the plastic tractor - chosen by me, yellow as well; regarding the clothing of that time, I remember best of my yellow pants and at the beach I was wearing only my yellow slips.
All that excitement culminated at the age of five, with a miniature car with pedals, brought by my parents from Russia - I think that the model was Moskvitch, it was yellow and it had headlights, which were running on those square batteries, steering wheel, seat and horn, and in front it had a small windshield - the greatest joy that I had in my childhood was when I received it : Ecstasy.
When I grew a bit and I could chose / reject, I did not worn clothes unless they were yellow, my parents noticed that, and from then, any clothing they have bought must have been necessarily yellow, or at least to contain yellow, I can still remember my ski overalls made from yellow slicker as if it were yesterday.
At kindergarten, obviously, my favorite pencil was the yellow one, from that classic cardboard box, as in aquarelles or tempera, the other colors were ranked on second or third position, far away in my choice, used maybe only for making the shape.
The chewing gums, sold by the gypsies in bags of sunflower seeds, were chosen, of course, with yellow label from the rest of the colorful crowd, and also goldsmiths gypsies from markets fascinated me, while working on their spindles with those little hammers and chisels, making yellow gold rings.
Joy I felt also when I received on my shoulder, as pioneer, the yellow rope, the most higher color grade as department head, in second grade. How much I liked Dacia 1300 painted yellow, the yellow castle from inside the transparent gearshift, everything that had this color seemed interesting to me, and I would have loved it instantly, and, also as well as the Saints from the Church with their yellow aura, observed by me while I was looking up, brought to Church by my grandmother.

Over the time, I have always surrounded my life, as much as I could, with yellow, without spoiling its pleasure by excesses, exaggerations or even pathology, it is a desire easy to assimilate, which does not consume me in any way, does not have any restriction, neither a pause must be done, it balances the best my mind, a warm energy that goes through my mind and soul as a beneficial therapy for optimism.

My house is yellow on walls, I wear fondly all kinds of yellow clothes, excited as if it were a holiday, my pens are yellow, my folders are in yellow, anything that is yellow is a priority for me, when choosing whatever thing.
Favorite flowers are yellow: dandelion, freesias, tulips, daffodils, roses, marigolds, I melt in large yellow sea made of sunflowers, canola or wheat in harvest threshold, (When I see this - I imagine the first place of our home - Eden) in which I enter every time I pass them.
And the fruits painted by God in this color Yellow are the most delicious: delicious mangoes, apricots, yellow melon, bitter quince with yellow fuzz like chicken, luscious pears and oblong bananas, sea buckthorn with yellow berry.
Goldfish, budgies - canaries - yellow parrots, chickens, ducklings or goslings, all the creatures are great and beautiful when are dressed by God and sent to Earth.

I have always wanted to explain and to show me this attraction and fascination for this color, I am aware that tastes are personal and different to each one, but I can not help invite you to be more aware of this wonderful colore - YELLOW; is the color of sunlight, of gold, of intuition, being a symbol of enlightenment, wisdom and intelligence. Yellow can make us more optimistic, has a special importance in chromotherapy as it clears thoughts, increase your energy and creates a state of harmony.

Well, with this color I was born in my heart, and since then I've always loved it with the same intensity; any nuance of yellow I like, the most I like the classic nuance, very open and clean, any drift or wear this color I like, gold being the first material as value, always showing interest and fascination for me - I'll never forget the pen with yellow gold plated nib, bought for school in I Class.

I think from the yellow started another great love of mine - the love for sheep WOOL, which I consider as a manifestation of this color in its pale version, a perpetual gift from God, through our national ballad - Miorita, popular in history, a total fructification of the symbiosis between the shepherd and his sheep, a natural use from the ancient times, it dresses us and warms our body and even our soul, an element retrieved in figurative painting of Lord Jesus Christ, our Shepard.
The Wool transpose me immediately in my childhood, in my grandparents' house - Ion Stoica and Maria - when, in winter, until the wood stove warm up, they used to wrapped us in fur coat, with sheep wool on the inside, true angelic clothes, those
years spent to the country side, devoid of any concern, in Salcioara village, brought me closer to the nature, and showed me what it means to live in God's hands.
Wool makes me trembling of emotion and nostalgia only when I think at my grandmother s crocheted socks, waistcoat with buttons, or handmade sweater worked with thick wire, and painted in yellow with marigold flowers, I stood in line at woolcard, like everyone else did, in a different village, and everybody loved and waited to put in their cart a lot of fine wool. I had a sleeveless sheepskin with wool furring, and I loved wearing it very much.
So WOOL, is a flashback of "home", a thing of our own - Romanian people, a comfort of our body and psyche by its silky touch. What archaic image can be warmer and more full of optimistic rays than the "Distaff of Wool" in the middle of the winter, in a room where fire is glimmering in the stove, crackling wood inside, cats playing with balls of wool, the spindle spinning a yarn, early evenings, that sound of the clock ticking wich predominate over the entire space, carols sung in cold, protected by wool.
For me, WOOL is a holy thing, whose smell I consider the fragrance of God, a material of great value, given to us by God, a biblical blessed fortune, to be multiplied by the hardworking people.
Wool reminds us of our stability and pride in this world, it teached us to use what nature gives through God, and I think that it was the first clothes of mankind - of Adam - created in His image, at his expulsion from Eden, the grieving Father gave him a coat, because He certainly had still cared for him. Through WOOL we have a common element with all prehistoric ages, tied with its thread on the spindles of the life, and must not be ignored in the future.

When I started to work and earned my own money, the first thing that I bought for me was a 100% wool sweater - yellow, very beautiful, wich I have for 10 years, and is my favorite; in my wardrobe all of my sweaters, thick for winter, or thin for autumn or spring, are made from wool.

I ask you now,
In terms of clothing, what could be more beautiful , than a woolen sweater, possibly yellow, a golden sheepskin coat with fur on inside and wool collar, long and warm wool socks, a bolero made by wool, that makes you feel like in childhood, a sleeveless sheepskin with wool furring and fluffy yellow wool contour, wich fondle you at touch?Furthermore, if these are handmade, you wear the ordinary human talent, that has shaped with love an art for you, you get a kiss from your grandparents when you dress with them.
Beloved, all this things, from the begining of the world, are precious and even holy, as God's clothing, which I believe it bears Its smell, will always remain so, we need to be more cautious and conscious, we need to keep our eyes opened and realise that the beautiful is around us, we do not have to look for it elsewhere.


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